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Want to be a partner of Instaforex?       

Why do people prefer InstaForex?

Nowadays InstaForex Company provides the best conditions for partners and gives opportunities for profit receiving to the representatives from all over the world. We offer the highest reward to our partners and provide development opportunities depending on his/her current resources.


SUB IB partnership programme by InstaForex - 0.1 point granted

InstaForex international broker is glad to inform that its two-tier partnership programme Sub Introducing Broker (SUB IB) has been successfully launched.
The working conditions of InstaForex partners are now even more beneficial! The renewed partnership programe includes a supplementary reward of 0.1 pip from deals of sub-IB partners customers granted to each partner. Sub-IB partners are those attracted by affiliate links of InstaForex partners.
Rewards are accrued automatically to affiliate accounts according to the following scheme:
1. Up to USD 10 from one partner daily;
2. Up to USD 200 from one partner monthly.

InstaForex - the best conditions for partners!

Partner profit is the company’s priority because only strong partners are able to promote our brand. We are always in contact with our partners and are ready to assist every person who needs it. To increase work efficiency we have created this section in order to our partners may find answers to the following questions:

  • Why do partners choose InstaForex?
  • How is the partner profit generated and what it is equal to;
  • What are the ways of cooperation with the company;
  • What are finished items offered to a partner for working.

In 2009 monthly the net profit of at least three introducing offices was exceeding 15000 USD. Today hundreds of representatives and thousands of online-partners work with InstaForex. You can become one of them now! Learn how much you can earn with InstaForex and choose one of 7 ways of cooperation. Manage your funds right now!

Advantages of InstaForex for partners

Working with InstaForex you receive the highest benefit in comparison with other brokers. We offer the best conditions for partners and clients and are ready to confirm it by figures and definite advantages. Cooperation with InstaForex is:

  • 1.5-2 pip commission for Forex and up to 10 pips for Gold;
  • Additional reward for Introducer Brokers;
  • 24-hours on-line access to the affiliate statistics;
  • Free analytics of your affiliate link traffic;
  • Free completed website with the opportunity of easy administration;
  • Free Forex news line for your clients;
  • Wide choice of promotional and educational materials;
  • Opportunity of books’ distribution provided by the company;
  • 7 types of partnership with InstaForex Company and partner growth potential.
  • Bank debit card of InstaForex
  • Partner gets 0.1 pip commission from every deal of subpartner's clients* New
a) not more than $10 per day from every subpartner
b) not more than $200 per month from every subpartner

First thing you should do is to choose type of affiliate program:

  • Starting package "Web introducer" provides all opportunities of the affiliate statistics and standard reward – of 1.5-2 pips;
  • “Webmaster” package includes affiliate statistics, a 1.5-2 pip reward and ready website;
  • Investment project provides all opportunities of the affiliate program for investment projects. Official status from InstaForex Company, the project personal page on the Company’s website, a 1.5-2 pip reward.
  • Introducing Broker – customer acquisition activity in your region, a 1.5-2 pip reward from each deal and a percentage of the company’s turnover in your region. Additional profit from training seminars. Official status of Introducing Broker and posting contact info on the company’s website.
  • Educational project. This type of partnership with InstaForex is developed special for projects specialized in the beginner's education. Cooperation with InstaForex may increase profit of an educational project up to 80-100%.
  • Projects specialized in electronic currencies exchange in the Internet can get additional influx of customers due to partnership with InstaForex Company. Rendering the service of replenishment and withdrawal from trading accounts in InstaForex (local transfer), the exchangers get multiple advance of their turnover because the customer influx is provided by active clients of InstaForex.
  • Within the VPS-hosting program a partner who owns a server gets an opportunity to distribute hosting accredited by InstaForex Company and receive additional profit due to partner commission.


For your convenience the registration procedure is maximally simplified and automatized. Regardless of the chosen partnership type you immediately receive promotional materials, affiliate link and statistics. In case you have chosen “Investment Project” or “Introducing Broker” our Partnership Department Manager will contact you in order to coordinate the details and conditions of cooperation.

Best conditions for partners – best conditions for clients. With the best conditions of partnership with InstaForex you offer your future clients the top–of–the–line trading conditions ever available.

Commission Accrual

Commission is accrued instantly after your referral closes his/her deal; a commission amount is displayed automatically in the affiliate account balance. Immediately after the fee is credited to an affiliate account the agent can withdraw it using any convenient method, including electronic payment systems or direct withdrawal to a credit card.

The system of instant commission accrual allows InstaForex Company partners to have timely statistics of an affiliate program and also use the reward in a real-time mode with no restrictions.

The types of partnership program.

InstaForex company offers our partners different forms of cooperation.

The top level of partnership relations is the form of introducing broker the official status of InstaForex representative to one or another company in specific region or city. This official status means placing the information about the partner on the website, also it means higher level of clients' confidence, and allows you to get the additional profit by rendering services in company representation in the region.The additional profit combines, as a rule, on the percentage of the company’s turnover in a specified region.

The form of co-operation in terms of joint implementation of investment projects can seem to be interesting for many potential partners of InstaForex Company. If you represent the project, attracting investments to Forex market, then you can increase your profits repeatedly, earning the major part of the spread and percentage of the turnover, created by your investment project in InstaForex Company. You no longer need to break head over how to allocate clients' funds among brokers with the maximum profit.

If you have your own website, concerned with a financial subject, then the partnerships in the form of web — introducer with InstaForex Company allow you to create the substantial income item from your website regardless of its traffic. Working with Instaforex, you can be sure, that you get the most favorable terms for partnership among all brokers.

The project "Friends introducer" is for those traders — partners, who are able to take the profit, recommending InstaForex Company to their friends or acquaintances.

This kind of partnership is the most initial level, without dispensing special knowledge in the range of computer networking, but at the same time it allows you to earn a substantial partner fees on an equal basis with major traders of InstaForex Company.

Education projects as a type of partnership with the company InstaForex is specially developed for projects specialized on the education of the newbies. Cooperation with InstaForex may increase profit of the education project up to 80-100%. The idea of the cooperation is that you receive an official status of the licensed education center InstaForex, and in addition you get commission from the deals executed by a client of the education center. Even when a client is finished his education course you continue to receive profit. In most cases clients continue to render profit during several years even if service on Forex education is not provided to him anymore.

Exchangers projects specialized in electronic currencies exchange in the Internet can get additional influx of customers due to the partnership with InstaForex Company. Providing service of replenishment and withdrawal from trading accounts in InstaForex (local transfer), exchangers get multiple increase of their turnover because customers influx is provided by the active clients of InstaForex.

Within the VPS-hosting program a partner who owns virtually dedicated server gets an opportunity to distribute hosting, accredited by InstaForex, and generate additional profit due to the partner commission.

Promotional items

InstaForex Company offers its partners a wide range of different extras. This information will string together the InstaForex Company activity with its partners, and also will serve as a good marketing tool for new clients attraction.

Among the proposed materials of InstaForex Company there are all formats banners, a layout of made-up leaflets, different educational information, special patents, forex informers, branded production and avatars InstaForex, issued by the main InstaForex Company branch.




Due to the system of placing the banners on the partners and other websites the number of the attracted referrals in your region is steadily increasing, thus enhancing your reward.


The teasers can be embedded in the websites of the partners who have demonstrated the proper loyal attitude to the Company. Moreover, the teasers are also available for the partners who use a special system of internal transfers with appliance of a special account.
training course

Training course

InstaForex offers its business friends a distant educational course for the beginning traders as part of the campaign "Add 100 USD to your account and get a distant training course", including the lectures on the fundamental and technical analysis.
educational video

Educational video

InstaForex Company offers its partners a wide range of educational videos for placing on your partner website, as well as distribution among your clients.


Only for those partners who revealed themselves as dynamically developing, and in accordance to the results of their activity over a certain accounting period, their profit exceeded the benchmark rate of return, we provide the attested by the headquarters certificate of the official introducing broker.
forex informers

Forex informers

InstaForex offers a new service to the owners of websites - Forex informers for their websites. Informers are the automatically updated graphic elements - the source of on-going financial information which is embedded in a partner's or a client's website.
rss feeds

RSS feeds

RSS feeds by InstaForex are an easy and infallible way of boosting website popularity in the shortest time possible. You can choose and embed the required RSS feed right now.
brand production

Brand production

InstaForex Company has developed a line of brand products especially for its clients and partners. Now every partner can present or distribute InstaForex brand goods as a pleasant souvenir to large-scale or regular customers.

InstaForex Avatars

Thanks to the avatars by InstaForex you will be able to communicate in numerous FX forums or blogs being the official representative of our company, or the IB-partner. However, using Forex Avatars by InstaForex Company is of a brand character and does not confirm the company's official status.
instaforex presentation

InstaForex presentation

We offer our customers an opportunity to download a presentation of InstaForex international broker from our official website. You can use the material of the presentation, working with your clients. Moreover, the presentation can serve as an effective brand element to broadcast at office with the help of video equipment.

Issuing quotes

This page contains the information on the procedure of getting online access to the Forex quotations from InstaForex Company devoted to the web-masters and owners of websites. All trading symbols available in InstaTrader terminal can be received.
instaforex video

InstaForex video

We present a new video about InstaForex, its history and achievements. This video is available for download and further demonstration on the TV screen as well as placement on your Internet site.



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